Doors.NET v4.0.1


1.0 Operating System Compatibility

Beginning with v4.0.1 Doors.NET software IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the following Windows operating systems:


(The last supported Doors.NET version for the above operating systems is (SP1)).



Doors.NET software IS COMPATIBLE with:

(both 32-bit and 64-bit where applicable)



All of these operating systems support Microsoft .NET Framework v4.6.2.


2.0 SQL Server Compatibility

If SQL is ALREADY on your computer:



For new Doors.NET installations on computers WITHOUT SQL installed:


64-bit computers:



32-bit computers:



The following link will take you to Microsoft's SQL Server Express 2014 download page:




3.0 Program Improvements

In Doors.NET for All Products

Specific to PXL-LC Controllers

Specific to Entraguard Controllers


4.0 Known Issues

With Doors.NET Software Installation:


5.0 Current Firmware Revisions

For NXT Controllers and Peripherals:


For PXL:


For Entraguard:


For Mercury Powered NXT Controllers:


Firmware Upgrades

NXT MSC FW - 1.235




Completed Translations:



Translations* Pending Updates:


* These translation file sets are not yet complete pending submissions from our translators. If you use these translations you will find mislabeled and/or non-translated ribbon and menu fields in some sections of the program. Non-translated fields will be displayed in US English.



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