Time Schedules

The system uses Time Schedules to support access levels, local linkage, and automatic override modes for readers, monitor points and control points. These schedules are used concurrently and a change to a time schedule immediately affects any cardholder (via the access level), control point, reader, monitor point, or other user defined actions in local linkage.



The software supports 64 time schedules with 50 intervals for each NXT controller. Typically, different time schedules are defined for various groups of people such as employees, managers, janitorial staff, security, etc. These time schedules are then assigned to corresponding access groups.






The Time Schedules Window

From the Home Tab, click the icon and the Time Schedules window appears.


Time Schedules Window


There are three default time schedules.


Default Time Schedules


The first two schedules cannot be deleted from the system.



There is also one time schedule (Work Week) that can be used as is, edited to your specific needs, or can be copied and edited. 



Time Schedule Limitations

When using multiple concurrent hardware platforms Doors.NET allows each hardware type to access its total number of available time schedules. Time schedules are not limited to the lowest common denominator.


Gateway Type PXL NXT Mercury Powered




Time Schedules 32 64 255 255 255 255 255
Intervals per Day 4 12 12 12 12 1 (a) 12
Intervals per Week 28 50 84 84 84 n/a 84


(a) Only 1 interval per schedule is allowed.


Example – A system with both PXL and NXT hardware allows only the first 32 time schedules to be used by PXL controllers and all 64 time schedules to be used by NXT controllers. However, the first 32 schedules must follow the PXL rules.