Photo Recall

Built into the software is the ability to be able to show a card holder's photograph whenever access is granted or denied. The photograph will display on-screen and this can be assigned to all, or selected readers on the system. This is useful for visually confirming the identity of a cardholder as they enter a building - allowing an operator to check the credential is being used by the correct person.


Setup Photo Recall

  1. Click Setup >> System Options.


Photo Recall step 1


  1. Highlight the Photo Recall option then enable the feature.


Photo recall step 2


Display Options



Tooltip Options



  1. As a test example make the following selections:


Photo recall step 3


  1. As 'Use Device Type Filters' has been enabled you now need to go and setup a new Device Type (Setup >> Device Types).
  2. Add a new Device Type, give it a meaningful description, then place a check-mark against 'Show Cardholder'.


Photo recall step 4


  1. This device type should then be assigned to any reader you choose.
  2. Highlight the reader in the hardware tree and in the reader properties scroll down to Monitoring >> Device Types and select the Photo Recall device type.


Photo recall 5


  1. The last step is to open an existing card record, click on the Photo ID tab so that you can assign a photograph to the cardholder.


Photo Recall 6


  1. By default, it will search the following directory C:\Keri\DoorsNET\Photos - and this is where we recommend storing all cardholder images.
  2. Select the image and then simply present the card at the designated reader.


Photo Recall 7


  1. The cardholder image will appear in the filmstrip in the User Interface... hover your mouse over the image to observe the way the tool-tip options handle the display of the thumbnail and the associated event information.


Photo Recall 8


  1. The photo strip will appear for any cardholder that has a photograph assigned and who gains access at this reader. For other readers to also use this feature simply assign the photo recall device type.