Advanced View

Advanced View is not enabled by default on a standard Doors.NET installation, even for the default System Administrator. If you highlight a controller in the hardware tree and can only see limited properties/settings then you will need to enable Advanced View. System Operators can also be setup so that they will be prevented from enabling it.


If Advanced View is not enabled then you will not see the Advanced View icon at the top of the hardware properties grid.


Advanced View - Distribution Interface View


  1. From the Doors.NET ribbon bar, click the View >> Advanced View.

    Advanced View - Enable Icon

  2. In the Password field enter: Keri10 then click ok.

  3. When you return to the hardware properties you will see the additional Advanced View 'atom' icon.

    Advanced View Atom

  4. You can now toggle between Advanced View being Enabled and Disabled (by clicking on the Atom icon). Hover the cursor over the icon to view the current state.


    Advanced View Disabled


    Advanced View Enabled

  5. Refer to Operator Permissions for instructions on how to prevent a software user from being able to view Advanced hardware properties.